7 Benefits of Hemp Active Wear


Hemp clothing is highly sustainable. It's also a great option if you love to work out. Here are some of the benefits of hemp activewear. 1. Hemp Is Water Absorbent If you sweat a lot while working out, hemp can absorb that water and wick it to the outside of your clothing, where it can evaporate, allowing you to cool off. In this way, hemp clothing helps you to avoid that sticky feeling that can develop under your clothes when you exercise.

8 December 2021

Have Some Dirty and Stained Clothes? 3 Reasons to Take Them for Dry Cleaning


Time has actually become scarce for everyone such that most people don't have time to clean their clothes, bedsheets and window blinds at home. However, this doesn't mean that dirt and stains should remain on your clothes and other fabrics. You just need to take them to a professional dry cleaner and pick them up when they are ready. Some people think that dry cleaning is a luxury, but it's not.

6 August 2020

Benefits of safety workwear


A good workplace ensures the safety of its employees despite hazards in their work environment. Workplace safety is a broad term that involves determining potential risks, training employees and providing protective workwear. Benefits of providing protective workwear include the following: Safety reasons For many businesses such as construction sites, it is compulsory to provide workwear for safety reasons. Workwear is available in different types such as googles, high-visibility clothing, safety helmets and respiratory equipment, to mention a few.

28 June 2019

Buy Luggage Online | 3 Considerations For Comparing Between Hard and Soft Shell Suitcases


When it comes to suitcases, you have a myriad of options, but the biggest decision you'll ever need to make is to decide between hard and soft shell suitcases for your travel needs. Soft shell suitcases are usually made from durable materials like high-denier nylon and leather. Hard shell suitcases are made from sturdy materials like polycarbonate or polypropylene. Whether you choose to buy luggage online or from a store, this guide is designed to help you make smart comparisons between hard and soft shell suitcases for your travels.

30 December 2015

Ordering custom t-shirts for your stag do


If you are having a crazy stag do, it might be a fun idea to get custom t shirts made. Not only does it tie your group together as you head off on your shenanigans, but it also provides a fun souvenir for your stag mates to look back on afterwards. Here are some tips to make the ultimate t-shirts: Keep it classy While it can be a fun to have a slightly ribald message, keeping the message slightly classy will be useful if your mates want to wear the t-shirt again.

10 August 2015

Custom Made Suits | 4 Tips To Suit Up Perfectly for Your Body Type


The type of suit style you choose can really make or break your appearance. An ill-fitting, loose suit can make you appear clumsy and shabby in your dressing style, while a tight suit can make you appear bulkier than you actually are. The cut, shape and colour can also make a difference. Whether you choose off-the-rack or custom-made suits, here are some fashion-forward tips to help you choose the perfect suit for your body type.

31 July 2015

5 Rules For Men to Dress Well & Get Ahead at Work


According to experts, the right clothes are an extension of your personal brand. This means that depending on what clothes the employee chooses to wear, a perception on their ability can be influenced by what they wear, and how they are seen in the eyes of management, co-workers and clients. Most corporate workplaces have a strict professional dress code but leave it up to employees to select their own corporate workwear.

31 March 2015